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Horrific rise in cases of baby abuse is the hidden cost of lockdown that we simply cannot ignore

New figures show injuries to infants because of abuse or neglect have increased dramatically during the pandemic. As England enters a second lockdown, this is a stark reminder that society’s most vulnerable are being hit hardest. There is nothing more…

Biden has defeated Trump. Meet the new boss… same as the old boss

Biden’s electoral victory has been met with cheers, proving that gullible Americans are eager to get fooled once again. A few hours ago I was startled by a collective shout that went out across my neighborhood here in Los Angeles….

Trump was a symptom of American decline that Biden is unlikely to reverse

When it comes to foreign policy, will Joe Biden kick American interventionism and aggressive geopolitics back into gear after four years of Trump? Unlikely – but not because he wouldn’t want to. With former Vice President Joe Biden now having…

Twitter and Facebook are smacking down all questioning of US election integrity. What about 4 years of Russiagate?

Social media is clamping down on posts questioning US election results’ “integrity,” despite troubling anomalies. Yet questioning election integrity defined the establishment narrative for four years of relentless Russiagating. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube’s crackdown on speculation about voter fraud, “election…

Britain died for me this week. It’s become a Covid-obsessed police state, and I don’t understand what it stands for anymore

I’ve always been proud to say I’m British – until now. The authorities’ bloody-minded determination to implement lockdown rules at the expense of people’s wellbeing is not what our great country should be about. Sometimes you can be too close….

The US political system is the last thing holding the country together; the 2020 election is about to destroy it

Having changed drastically since its founding, America’s continued existence rests on the system of government created by its Constitution. If that is sacrificed on the altar of power, there will be no country left. The US is obviously a drastically…

The media’s anti-Trump bias on both sides of the pond is so blatant is it any wonder the Donald is crying foul?

Donald Trump always claimed the media was against him and this week’s events prove he was right, whatever one’s opinion of the US president. It’s probably the understatement of the year to say that Donald Trump is a polarising figure….

A letter to my American Mom, who died today

I never called you ‘mama’, the Russian word for mother. I couldn’t call you by your name, either – or any other way, for that matter. To me, you are my Mom – you have always been, and always will…

Nobel-winning Ethiopian PM has overseen country’s descent into barbarity and madness

The Western media have hailed Ethiopia’s Premier Abiy Ahmed as a “liberal reformer” ever since he rose to power in the East African country nearly two years ago. Remarkably, despite the chaos and conflict that has accompanied his leadership, the…

Like taking a knife to a gunfight, foreign observers take unprecedented step of blasting Trump’s claims of a ‘stolen election’

European election observers have rejected the US president’s self-fulfilling prophecy of fraud involving mail-in ballots. But they should bow out: his claims are not about demonstrable reality, but rather politicized possibility. The German head of the Organization for Security and…