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Sen. Lee: Infrastructure bill ‘reverse Robin Hood’

File – Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, listens during a confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill. (Susan Walsh / Pool photo via AP)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 9:06 AM PT – Monday, July 26, 2021

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) joined his Republican colleagues in condemning the Democrat-backed infrastructure bill. In an interview with WABC talk radio Sunday, he said if the bill passes then it will create a “reverse Robin Hood” effect where the government robs the poor to support the rich.

“Americans can’t afford more reckless spending,” Lee stated. “We haven’t seen text, we haven’t seen estimates about how much this bill will cost. We haven’t even seen what Democrats in the White House could like in the bill. We need a real debate on these issues and not just a rubber stamp on partisan blunder.”

The Utah lawmaker went on to argue that middle-class Americans will be the most hurt as they find their purchasing power begin to diminish.

“Democrats, to be honest, should be embarrassed to go home to real Americans paying the price Biden-nomics…another multi-trillion dollar inflation bomb, that’s what this is,” he continued. “This inflation bomb that they are proposing, which some are estimating now could involve about $4 trillion, is only going to worsen the already frightening inflation.”

.@LeaderMcConnell is right—no raising the debt ceiling.

Biden’s admin is refusing to even tell the Senate when the money runs out. We invited @SecYellen to brief us so she could talk and we could listen. She declined!

— Mike Lee (@SenMikeLee) July 21, 2021

Lee has recently invited Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to lunch to discuss the country’s economic outlook. However, the senator reported Yellen declined his offer.

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