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Adm. Michael Mullen suggests Biden failing to unify U.S. military

Then-Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Michael Mullen testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, in 2011. (Harry Hamburg/AP)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 8:27 AM PT – Monday, July 19, 2021

The former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, voiced concern about political influence in the military. In an interview Sunday, he said the nation’s intense political environment is creating unprecedented division.

His comments came after Joe Biden made “unity” one of the key themes of his campaign. However, Mullen insisted that the Biden administration is doing little, if anything, to bring the military together.

“The political environment is so intense and so divided,” said the admiral. And we need to work hard to make sure the military doesn’t become part of what is politicized in this country.”

Proud to sign on @RepRosendale’s letter on left-wing extremism infiltrating our military.

Woke left-wing ideology like Marxist ‘critical race theory’ has no place in the U.S military or our country.

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (@RepMTG) May 26, 2021

Meanwhile, Republicans have continued to push-back against critical race theory trainings that are making their way into the U.S. military.

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