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Survey: Majority of teachers say CRT should not be taught in schools

A man holds up a sign against Critical Race Theory during a protest outside a Washoe County School District board meeting in Reno, Nev. (Andy Barron/Reno Gazette-Journal via AP, File)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 5:54 PM PT – Friday, July 2, 2021

Teachers across the U.S. have continued efforts to fight against critical race theory being taught in their schools. Reports on Thursday cited a recent survey showing 55 percent of teachers said the option to teach CRT in K-12 education should not exist.

Parents across the country have also publicly opposed the teachings be added to the curriculum of their children’s education. Almost half of U.S. states have proposed legislation against the indoctrination of children through CRT in public schools.

#CriticalRaceTheory is a Marxist ideology that sees the world as a battle, not between the classes – as classical Marxism does – but between the races. It’s inherently bigoted.

— Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) July 1, 2021

The survey was conducted by the Association of American Educators and over 1,000 responses from teachers across the country were collected. Results showed 96 percent of schools were not requiring curriculum to include CRT. This suggests the recent frenzy that has been projected by the media does not accurately depict what has been happening  in classrooms.

The majority of teachers reported no changes were made to their curriculums regarding race amidst the past year’s CRT movement. In fact, many teachers who submitted to the survey shared concerns the CRT debate was interfering with more constructive discussions addressing race.

Five states have signed bills banning critical race theory from being taught in public schools. Lawmakers in 17 other states have proposed legislation to limit these teachings.

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