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Chris Sky was SET UP by former acquaintance Rob Carbone in elaborate false flag to SILENCE his activism

Beaver Exclusive

Chris Saccoccia, known as Chris Sky, was arrested after turning himself in on May 20, 2021. He was charged for assaulting a police officer and three counts of uttering threats. The mainstream media was quick to pick up the charges, with CP24 referring to him as an “anti-masker.” Chris Sky has been heavily involved in human rights advocacy and has been travelling across Canada to speak up against lockdowns.

There is evidence that confirms that Sky’s advocacy as well as a back-stabbing acquaintance have lead to his latest arrest.

The Beaver was able to confirm that Chris Sky was the victim of an elaborate false flag cover-up initiated by Rob Carbone – a former acquaintance.

Rob Carbone runs the Canadian Republican Party, and has plans on running for the Prime Minister of Canada. However, some have described him as a “con man.” Sources confirmed with the Beaver that Carbone agreed to falsify evidence on Chris Sky in exchange for a lighter sentence on other charges he was facing. Carbone made false phone calls to the police, and accused Chris Sky of threatening to kill 3 politicians.

The police further added to the problem by trying to arrest Sky on these trumped up charges. After Chris Sky asserted his rights, and tried to leave the situation, police arrested him. Police added the part about “assaulting” a police officer, so he would stay in jail longer. There is no evidence for any of these charges, a police source confirmed.

Friends of Chris Sky have also spoken up about the situation, blaming Carbone for being the cause of Chris Sky’s arrest.

Chris Sky has been released on bail. He did not respond immediately to requests for comment. The mainstream media has been lying about Chris Sky and the COVID situation.

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