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Justin Trudeau RAPED a student, was FIRED, then PAID her to shut her mouth with powerful lawyers and NDAs

Beaver Exclusive, with notes from Buffalo Chronicle

Justin Trudeau is the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada, and the only Prime Minister to have signed a settlement agreement with a rape victim to keep her from ruining his career. According to the Government of Canada’s website, Trudeau’s “vision of Canada is a country where everyone has a real and fair chance to succeed. His experiences as a teacher, father, leader, and advocate for youth have shaped his dedication to Canadians.”

However, recently confirmed allegations paint a completely different narrative.

Sources have confirmed with the Conservative Beaver that Justin Trudeau did pay a large settlement to a rape victim whom he assaulted during his tenure at a school in Vancouver. This victim signed an NDA for an undisclosed amount after she came forward during Trudeau’s re-election campaign.

The Buffalo Chronicle reported on this story in 2019. Rumours have circulated through the internet for years, however, Conservative Beaver has enough evidence to confirm this event actually happened. Trudeau is a rapist, a pedophile, and had to pay money to keep the victim’s mouth shut.

While only one victim received monetary compensation, there are believed to be many victims. According to the Buffalo Chronicle, there were

“…widespread rumors that Trudeau regularly received fellatio from students while on the private school’s campus.  He worked at the academy as a substitute teacher in drama, social studies, and mathematics.”

Conservative Beaver reached the Prime Minister’s office for comment, but his assistant refused to comment.

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