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Public alert: Steven Guilbeault is a convicted sex offender, of high-risk to female teens and sex workers

Steven Guilbeault, a Canadian Politician behind the controversial Bill C10, is also a convicted sex offender. This information was previously hidden from the public, but uncovered during an investigation by the Conservative Beaver.

Guilbeault previously completed serving a five-year longterm supervision order for a conviction of sexual assault of a minor.

Ottawa Police state that Guilbeault is “a extremely-high-risk sex offender” and “poses a significant risk to adolescent females and sex workers in Canada”.

While on parole, Guilbeault had to abide by the following conditions:

  • cannot consume, purchase, or possess alcohol;
  • cannot consume, purchase, or possess drugs other than prescribed medication;
  • cannot associate with any person believed to be involved in criminal activity or substance misuse;
  • must not be in the presence of any female under age 18 unless accompanied by an adult;
  • cannot be in, near, or around any park, daycare, school, swimming pool, or recreational centre unless accompanied by an adult;
  • must not own, use, or possess any technological device with access to internet;
  • must not have contact with, or be in or near locations where sex workers are;
  • must reside at a community correctional centre or a community residential facility, or other residential facility.

This is the second public notification that the police recently revealed about a high-risk sex offender living in a large Canadian city.

On April 8, the VPD warned that 33-year-old convicted sex offender John Ambrose Seward, who “poses a significant risk to women in the community”, will reside in the city.


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