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Barnard Prof. sparks outrage with calls to ‘gas,’ ‘explode’ white people

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OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 5:30 PM PT – Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Barnard College of Columbia University in New York has come under fire after one of its professors spoke about “blowing up” and “gassing” white people in what he called a possible “race war.”

In his recent book, English & Film Studies Assistant Professor Ben Philippe wrote that he would gather “white people” for a meeting of “healing unity” and then stage an explosion as well as a chemical attack against them.

The author claimed, free speech allowed him to make such remarks.

“Actually fun fact, that section used to be so much longer, so, thank you to my editor for condensing it,” Phillipe said. “I went into this advanced world building of what that race war could look like. And they were just like, ‘no maybe just half a page.’”

Philippe went on to say, he was just “trying to take the state of the world to its logical conclusion.”

“If we all have to exist in this common land together and we can’t get along and we can’t heal, if it’s always gonna be: Us versus them — define the ‘us,’ [and] define the ‘them’ however you want,” Phillipe claimed. “Then, I was wrestling the question that: Isn’t the end result just all-out warfare? Like, ‘Game of Thrones’ style warfare?”

The English & Film Studies instructor added, the section was disturbing to write because he is “not a violent person” and he “loves all of” his white friends.

However, an excerpt from his book reads: “I’ll smile as we raise glasses to your good, white health while the detonator blinks under the table, knowing the exits are locked and the air vents fill with gas.”

Barnard College is now facing calls to hold Philippe accountable for unethical behavior, which includes his calls for racially motivated violence.

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  1. Personally, I don’t care what the color of Ben Philippe’s skin is. Only that the content of his character represents one of the most sick and disgusting, vial and objectionably racist attitudes yet to come out of our leftist education system. That he should have thought as much is a calamity. That he should have written it down and submitted it to a publisher is a travesty. That he convinced a publisher to publish it is irreprehensible!!!

    That any of this did not flag Mr. Philippe as, at the very least, a dangerous individual to be put on the ‘watch list’ of every major terrorist organization, much less oust him from his hallowed spot as a (choke!) professor from a school whose once prestigious reputation has endured yet another bludgeoning into moral turpitude, frankly, ought to be enough of a signifier to parents planning to send their children there that Barnard is clearly NOT the institution to which they ought to entrust the future cultural shaping, rebranding, and brainwashing of their impressionable youth.

    Sick individuals with sick ideas about the future of the human race have no place in higher learning – period! And I don’t care that Mr. Philippe is black. He’s not a professor, not much of a man, and definitely not one of the clear-eyed few who will either bring or harbor unity if and when race relations deteriorate beyond the point of no return!!! Because if he truly thinks the idea of exterminating all whites is some form of race-baiting altruism, then he is the one who should take a good look in the mirror and recognize what a racist he is – not the other way around!!! Ugh! Simply disgusting! Period.


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