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POLICE: Antifa responsible for riots in Montreal, meanwhile MSM blames the right

Did anti-lockdown protesters in Montreal break windows and light fires in defiance of a newly adjusted curfew?

No, that’s not true.

According to police sources close to the ground, Antifa infiltrated the peaceful protest, and took it upon themselves to cause property destruction. Mainstream Media, like CP24, are spinning the facts to change the narrative.

What really happened

The protest began in relative calm, with a mostly young crowd dancing to music from loudspeakers while lighting fireworks and chanting, “freedom for the young.”

But the festive atmosphere quickly turned violent when dozens of masked thugs described as agent provocateurs lit a garbage fire in Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Square, which was met with tear gas from riot police.

Police soon rushed the crowd, prompting dozens of protesters to scatter and cause mayhem down the cobblestone streets of Montreal’s tourist district.

Antifa militants lit garbage fires at many intersections and seized projectiles from city streets, hurling them at nearby windows and shattering many.

MSM lies and deception

In light of any sufficient evidence, the fake news media went ahead and blamed the attacks on anti-lockdown advocates. But sources close to the scene say that anti-lockdown advocates were peaceful until the agent provocateurs showed up to incite mayhem. Police sources indicate certain crooked police may have been giving Antifa intel and security in exchange for the “false flag operation.”

Many alternative media journalists and commentators have come to the same conclusion.

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