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REPORTS: Doug Ford is now worth over $50,000,000 according to sources

BEAVER EXCLUSIVE, with notes from Real Toronto Newz

Doug Ford is alleged to have made a sizable amount of money since he entered office. Some peg his net worth at $50 million dollars. The claim was originally made by alternative media site “Real Toronto Newz.” This claim has also been corroborated by another source close to the Ford family. The source spoke on condition of anonymity.

The claim received widespread circulation after it was shared by an account by the name of @TrueGritG.

According to the source, Doug Ford made an enormous sum of money from “Deco Labels.” A business that he runs, and according to another source, makes a tremendous amount of money. Rebel News exposed this conflict of interest back in March.

Ford is the sole owner of the company, and it makes labels for COVID-19 signage across Ontario. This claim was originally brought forward by local Toronto anti-lockdown activist Chris Sky.

Doug Ford fell into trouble with Deco Labels in 2018, being called out by many local “journalists” when they were still doing their job, and not echoing talking points from Eileen de Villa and Doctor Tam. Ford was found guilty of “conflict of interest” when he was City Councillor in Toronto.

Concerned Ontario residents continue to ask Doug Ford why his net worth increased so much, but he refuses to address the claims publicly.

The mainstream media has been hesitant to report on any real news for a while, instead resorting to reporting on fake news. The story of Eileen de Villa husband’s arrest was never reported on by the mainstream media, and was buried by Google.

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  1. I own a hair salon and when the pandemic hit i lost a Hair Stylist and revenue. Im so sad that we don’t have anybody on this planet that wants to run for office and be truthful to their people. I’ve lost money because of lockdowns but I’m sure as hell not giving up on my business and me supporting other essential jobs for my hair stylists. Dougie should never say God bless when he finishes his interviews he don’t really mean it. What I’ve found is that no government party cares about small business they just don’t care about humans. Very sad and to think that we have a Federal governemnt who’s even worse. Why did Canada have to go this way. Oh I get it GREED!!


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