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Multiple wounded in stabbing, bombing in Vancouver, ISIS claims responsibility

Beaver Exclusive, with notes from Reuters

Multiple people were wounded in a stabbing at a public library in a Vancouver suburb on Saturday, and one suspect, was taken into custody, Canadian police said.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said “multiple victims” were stabbed inside and outside the North Vancouver Library and that one suspect had been taken in custody.

It “ originally appeared this was a lone suspect,” the RCMP said on Twitter, adding that it was still looking for “more suspects and additional victims”. Another source within the RCMP stated, “we’ve received confirmation from CSIS that ISIS is now claiming responsibility.”

Amy Robertson of B.C. Emergency Health Services said six people were taken to the hospital and that she was unable to release details on their condition, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) reported.

“We were driving up … and there was a woman right beside her car with a 7-year-old boy, multiple stab wounds and bleeding profusely … She said it was a random stabber who was running down the street,” a witness who gave his name as Steve told Canada’s Global News.

A bomb detonated close to the scene, but MSM was instructed by police not to report on this development.

Police now say they are searching for multiple suspects. They would not release names, but said the men were all immigrants from Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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