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Trudeau admits rigging 2019 Federal Election, sources

Beaver Exclusive

Justin Trudeau was involved in large-scale voter fraud during the 2019 Federal Election, according to a source at Rideau Hall. The source claims Trudeau worked with George Soros and several other high profile figures to change the voting numbers. This secretive process was used to sway the election in his favour.

The link between Soros, Dominion, and Canada was first discovered by Keean Bexte of Rebel News. Journalists from Conservative Beaver travelled to Ottawa, and were able to find a source within the Trudeau Government that spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Fears about Trudeau rigging the previous election have been shared frequently on Twitter. Some have speculated that the same process used to rig elections in the United States could have been tested earlier in Canada.

The source said the process of rigging elections had been tested multiple times over the world, including in Venezuela.

Web Sleuths

Internet detectives have confirmed what the source has stated, with one stating “there’s no way Trudeau didn’t rig the last election.” Many Twitter users have come to the same conclusion, or have had similar theories.

Others have pointed out how “George Soros rigs elections worldwide.”

Claims of Trudeau rigging elections goes back to 2016, with another Twitter user stating “…Trudeau rigs elections.”

The mainstream media has reported on this issue lightly, but not as much as independent publications such as the Post Millennial and Rebel News. Conservative Beaver will report as more details emerge.

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