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Gab HACKED by DDoSecrets, a shadowy group with links to China

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Emma Best, a hacker that owns and operates the shadowy website DDoSecrets, announced she has a large stash of hacked files from Gab. It is unclear how much data DDoSecrets has or what it plans on releasing, but the owner of Gab, Andrew Torba confirmed the hack in a recent Gab post.

Interestingly, the mainstream media has remained quiet on the issue.

DDoSecrets was behind the BlueLeaks hack. An attack that saw Fusion Centers in the United States targeted. Thousands of confidential files on police were leaked, and many innocent people were put in harm’s way. As a result, BlueLeaks had its server in Germany confiscated by authorities, but charges have not been filed against the hackers / owners of Blueleaks.

Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, pushed back against the attacking, stating,

Mentally ill tranny demon hackers (I’m very serious) are attacking Gab right now. The same people behind this attack targeted law enforcement officers and their family members last summer. The feds are treating them as a criminal hacker organization. We are working with our partners in law enforcement on this issue.

He goes on to say Trump’s account was compromised. Torba’s post on Gab has received close to 7,000 likes at the time of writing. Torba also indicates “Federal Officers” are looking into this.

The Department of Homeland Security was contacted, to provide a statement. A source, that wouldn’t provide their name due to fears of retaliation, said the hackers were agents of the CCP. He also said DDoSecrets is likely a front for the Chinese Communist Party.

Emma Best is suspected to be on both China and North Korea’s payroll, according to another source in the US military.

History of hacking and spying

The Chinese Communist Party has a well funded military wing that specializes in hacking. Recently, it was caught spying on Tibetans en masse.

Chinese hackers were also responsible for the Equifax hack, and for trying to steal the patents and intellectual property of many US corporations.

Michael Daniel, the cybersecurity coordinator at the NSC during the Obama administration, recently told a Senate panel,

 “The Russians and other actors, including China, Iran, North Korea, criminal organizations, terrorist organizations, hacktivists, all of them are discovering the cyberspace is a great place to try to advance their agenda. We are seeing a proliferation of capabilities across the globe.”

When asked for comment on the news of China’s involvement with the Gab “hack”, Michael Daniel stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised. I warned people earlier about the threat China posed, and now Joe Biden is just letting it happen. May God save America.”

The FBI and DHS plan on providing a public update in the near future. Date to be determinded.

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