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REPORTS: Pope arrested on 80 count indictment for Child Trafficking, Fraud


A conspiracy theory has been circulating around the internet, claiming that the Pope was arrested for “child trafficking, fraud” among other allegations. The source of this theory is not clear. “Fact-checkers” were quick to shoot this article down, most without any sufficient counter-evidence.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Additionally, the “fact checkers” incorrectly labelled Conservative Beaver as being linked to QANON and “conspiracy theories”. This is inaccurate and defamatory. We are a Conservative Media outlet based in Montreal. While our articles may appeal to Conservatives, we are not promoters of QANON or other conspiracies.

Despite being declared “fake news” by “fact-checkers”, the rumour continues to circulate around the internet.

So, did the Pope get arrested? It depends who you believe. The mainstream media, or alternative news sites that risk everything to tell you the truth.


    • I’d say sure but……………..but the FBI is crooked as a dog’s hind leg right now! Don’t trust a one of them further than I could throw them and not even that far!!

      • I would love to be a part of that interrogation team!!! I’d even pray for the real gift of tongues so that there would be no misunderstanding …

        • Twitter is a left wing globalist echo chamber, you can be sure almost everythig posted on there is nonsense. Both Twitter and Facebook have recieved CIA money as part of ther next phase of MKULTRA, whic his alive and well and running.

        • To Jemima: I’m glad you know that there is a real gift of tongues, and that it involves real world languages, and not gibberish. Awesome.

          • But the gift of tongues is also no longer relevant because of the completion of God’s written Word.

            But yes, back when it was in use properly it was NOT babbling gibberish like most in the new charismatic movement like to think…that is called glossolalia.

      • I would love to be a part of that interrogation team!!! I’d even pray for the real gift of tongues so that there would be no misunderstanding …

        • This sort of blows my mind to find out the pope was involved in pedophilia! I can see our democrats plain as day because they are evil. I have since saw a picture of Mother Teresa with Hillary and it said that she was involved in this too!! How disappointed I am to learn of this sick news!! I hope they get every single one of them. Those poor kids did not deserve this . These people will pay and pay dearly!!

      • Hope this is just yhe first of many many more, disgusting the highest in the church…..your despicable and a Disgrace to the Lord our
        GODS name

      • This is a bullshit story that is being debunked all over the net. People that do this crap need something that I’m not allowed to say. I hope this guy gets his.

        • Dude, of course they say it’s BS. But think about this, a person like the pope would have a team of lawyers suing the shit out of that publication for saying something like this! There’s no way this newspaper would still be in business. I researched to see if there was any lawsuits pending against the conservative beaver and there are none! No defamation lawsuit.

        • It is absolutely true that Obama paid the Vatican a boatload of money to have the software to change the dominion servers uploaded on the the Vatican servers – there are affidavits signed. by Italy on that.
          Pope is going bye-bye

        • Yet fools keep believing it. A certain segment of modern conservative/Qanoner folk just don’t seem to mind being lied to over and over again. They line up for more disinformation by reading the same sources day after day despite being consistently duped. Sad.

      • Patty, its not the fact that the FBI is crooked. The bottom line is the FBI has no, none, zip, nada… jurisdiction in the Vatican or anywhere beyond the boarders of the US unless investigating a US citizen.. Hence the “F” its Federal. When people write fake news like this they should at least educate themselves.

        • Apparently, the Vatican owned the satellites that an Italian computer geek was able to access and upload software that was used to hack our elections. Back to those Dominion machines that nobody wants to admit were responsible for throwing the election. British MI-6 is also involved. They already have the hacker in custody and he has made a statement in court that he in fact disrupted our election. This is the proof that DJT was waiting for. And now he has it and a whole lot more. Joe Biden will not be our new president.

        • So true! I wish people would you their common sense and stop spewing thing because it feels good to go after someone they don’t agree with.

        • Don’t be in a hurry to write this off, Jon. In RC circles, people have been wondering why he is planning to resign or has done so already. There’s a lot of truth in this story, but you’re correct; the FBI has no jurisdiction in this. They can’t even do a proper job in their own homeland where they do have jurisdiction. FBI=Fraudulent Bureau of Investigation. It will be interesting to see how this pans out, so you and others might want to follow this site for updates.

      • Patty you are SO right… unfortunately! One of Trump’s Yuge mistakes was Wray’s appointment. May that be cured within days!🙏😁

      • I am not Catholic but when all this first came out, a while back, about priests molesting children, I wondered then if the Pope was not involved. He had to know what was going on; however, I honestly didn’t think he was directly involved. He may have been involved in the cover up though. Now that this has come out plus I have read numerous articles about the Pope endorsing the New World Order that our Bible clearly teaches against, I’m not so sure what’s going on behind those walls anymore but it doesn’t give the appearance of being anything holy.

    • OMG!! Is this really real?? I’ve seen alot of post in the past saying the Pope would be the first of many arrest’s but I thought it was just speculation and not gonna come to light. But OMG If this is real then there will be many more arrest’s to come. #WWG1WGA

    • The FBI ?
      They are as straight as a lightning bolt.
      Now if they would arrest 70 or 80 Gov, Lt Gov SOS and AG, along with 30 deep state within our former regime, we may clean up in the US.

      • It won’t be the FBI doing the arrests. It will be the military so they can be tried by military tribunal.

    • Finally that evil POS is arrested and hopefully will have to answer to the Almighty and now the children can be saved thank you Jesus

    • Child trafficking is worldwide! The truth is coming out! It is evil and ugly We need to pray as a Nation In the end God wins.Thank you for saving the children.

    • News has to be truth with facts and need to be confirmed correctly. Other while Conservative Beaver will be another FAKE NEWS. Please slow and corrected rather quick and false. Thanh you for your attention.

  1. Praying this well known Secret !!!! Is finally come to pass. The devils house holds many chambers and secrets hidden in its bowels. Praying the Lord is finally passing judgement on ALL INVOLVED WORLDWIDE. No Country is exempt. NOT ONE.

  2. Britain sucks so bad and it needs to change here anyway, we are sick of the over privileged aristocracy and corrupt establishment. God bless Donald Trump

    • Have often wondered why you folks put up with the Royalty. That tradition should have been done away with a long time ago.

    • The queen is the head of the “Committee of 300” that controls all the money, wars, etc on this earth! I read the book, very enlightening!

  3. Hahaha it’s very easy create news and just after say: “The judge has imposed a EU wide publication ban. Fortunately, the ban doesn’t affect Canada or the US, and the Conservative Beaver received the exclusive scoop for this story via a confidential Italian contact.” When you published George Soros was arrested in USA you used exactly the same words. Come on, stop playing with people fillings.

  4. Hopefully Obama will be next, the info captured from the Leonardo communications satellite at the Leonardo defense contractor building in Italy supposedly has it all, how the US elections were rigged, they have PROOF by who and how, complete with testimony from the iT tech who uploaded the DOMINION voting machines rigging. They also have re ordings of phone calls and info proving Obama stole $400 million (diverted to himself from the pallets of cash he sent to Iran, with help from the Vaticanand Swiss guard) the explosion of treasonous treachery involving many big names is to be released in Italian press first.

  5. Pelosi has been put in custody too.
    Mike Pence did NOT betray Trump; he has just acted his part out to let them all commit the crime.
    IT’S ON!

  6. None of the Italian news websites make any mention of it. Their top news story is a giant sinkhole. On Reddit, there was a guy at the Vatican in real time and said the power wasn’t out. I’m not saying this isn’t true, but I’m not saying it is, just like all news these days.

    • It is true! I tried to comment on the other comments, but my comment were blocked!?!

      For those querying the authenticity of certain authority figures (and those before him) & actions they’re accused of, start by asking the survivors/ victims who first-hand suffered under them & are silenced for speaking out…..

  7. Hi folks. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Vatican is a sovereign nation legally, not under Italian jurisdiction. How did the Italian Authorities (Carabinieri?) get around that? I’d like to see that before I celebrate.

  8. Please please stop writing bullshit… Cause: I just had an official appointment with the pope a few minutes ago. He is free and well, giving blessings to everyone.
    And now take a few minutes to ponder about: It’s all about making you confused. Listen up, stand up. Don’t let them continue to spread lies.

  9. Please stop publishing bullshit… A few minutes ago, I just had an official appointment with the pope. He is free and well, giving blessings to everyone. And for now, please take a few minutes to ponder about: it’s all about making you confused. So listen up & stand up, don’t let anyone continue to spread conspiracy theories and lies.

  10. One blogger writes

    HOWEVER, there is literally NOTHING in the Italian media about this. Absolutely nothing at all. Nor have any of my contacts in Rome heard anything about this. And there is nothing about the Pope or the Vatican on the Ministero della Giustizia site either. That being said, (1) there was definitely a blackout at the Vatican last night, (2) it is true that St. Peter’s Square was empty this morning, and, (3) it is confirmed that the Pope did not say prayers in public at noon as previously scheduled. There simply isn’t any other information out there.

    VERDICT: too soon to say. But if it turns out to be real, then we can be very highly confident that The Storm has begun and other significant arrests will follow.

  11. Utter BS. The Italian police have no authority inside the Vatican State (Lateran Treaty 1929) so they have no power of arrest in the Vatican. And the pope is a head of state so cannot be arrested – he would have to be impeached by the college if cardinals. In exactly the same way the FBI have zero authority beyond the US. If Americans knew anything about the world beyond their back yard they would spot this as the fake news it is.

  12. So the pope gave his normal Mass today so I don’t know how he could have done that and be in custody. The Sunday Mass was recorded and broadcasted as it normally is. Even the pope can’t be in two places at once.

    • It is as you say, can’t no one do a such a thing, the swiss army who is protect him will not let this happen, i agree totally with you and inall what you mention, I am Italian, i can confirm all what are you saying

  13. Facebook is blocking this article and fact-checkers are saying it is false … that tells me that there is truth to this

  14. Another news item I saw. The FBI has released a file on Thomas D’Alesandro, one time mayor of Baltimore. Piece of work this guy. Some think the same of his daughter.

    • That’s old. They mayor was Pelosi’s father and her brother was arrested with 12 other young men for the rape of two girls between 11-13 back in circa 50s. Her brother was the only one acquitted.
      Imagine that…

  15. They staged a blackot in Packistan to pull one off in the vatican so an extra territorial force could invade to arest someone? Sounds absoluely unbelievable! So I had to check it out and ask around. My neighbor’s cousin’s second ex’s sister’s dog walker’s uncle, who supposedly ued to work for the NSA before he got involved in that Snowden thing, may have said that a sigint guy he knows confirmed that such a message could have been on a satellite feed that they were monitoring. So, by God, I’m a believer! We need to drop that Mary-loving pedophile in some black site somewhere and put a world of hurt on him until he fesses up. And shile he’s there, get the true story about how the church and the Rothschilds have been working at running things for the last thousand years.

  16. The Vatican, like Washington DC and London are considered countries within countries and have their own laws which they govern themselves. This would have to be Interpol to make sense. Although I want to believe this

  17. Why pussyfoot by listing this on opinion? Say what you mean and mean what you say. These pulled punches are part of the reason we are here in the first place!

  18. It is true! I tried to comment on the other comments, but my comment were blocked!?!

    For those querying the authenticity of certain authority figures (and those before him) & actions they’re accused of, start by asking the survivors/ victims who first-hand suffered under them & are silenced for speaking out…..

  19. “How to lose integrity”. The Beaver can conduct a college course on it. When we need outlets reporting the truth because Main Street communist media will not do it, sites like the Beaver have to go and deal in half-assed aluminum hat theories. See ya!

  20. So much for this “progressive” pope. Looks as though he turned out to be as advertised.
    Interesting to read this quote from Pope Benedict and consider that he resigned: “ We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and which has as its highest goal one’s own ego and one’s own desires.”
    The progressive movement is spreading this awful culture rot throughout the world, poisoning and corrupting institutions that provide backbone to a strong and free society.

  21. Santa Claus has been arrested yesterday in the North Pole by the Eskimo Police under 2,4 billion charges of trespassing. The FBI and the IRS are also investigating the funding for his gifts and worldwide yearly travels. YOU WON’T READ ANYTHING ABOUT THIS IN TRADITIONAL MEDIA / MAINSTREAM SOCIAL MEDIA, SHARE NOW!!!


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