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Mich. citizens demand election audit at Secy. of State’s house

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 9:42 AM PT – Monday, December 7, 2020

Citizens of Michigan are denouncing Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson over her decision to erase voting data from election machines. Over the weekend, scores of protesters gathered outside Benson’s residence in Lansing to state her actions amount to a cover-up of fraud and a criminal destruction of evidence.

“There’s about 30-40… by a freaking landslide.”

While a circuit judge granted a voter’s petition for an audit, the state Republican Party has raised concerns Benson may interfere with attempts to carry out any further investigations into the election.

The concerns grew after a memo from the secretary of state was published friday instructing election officials “EPD software and associated files must be deleted by November 30.

“We are out here at the secretary of state’s house. We we want her to know, we will continue to be here. That’s right, stop the steal right there. We are sick and tired of them ignoring everything that has to happen, which means we need a forensic audit.”

In a statement following the event, Benson said the activists “crossed a line” and tried to intimidate her and her family by making “loud and threatening demands.”

She then went on to compare the protesters to “violent neo-Nazi organizations” and likens herself to Viola Liuzzo who was a civil rights activist from Detroit who was murdered by the KKK.

Despite her claims of terror and imminent violence, authorities confirm no one was injured or arrested during the protest and the activists calmly dispersed when asked.


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