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Fraternal Order of Police: Nearly 300 law enforcement officers have been shot in 2020

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UPDATED 12:58 AM PT – Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The National Fraternal Order of Police shared a report showing law enforcement offices are under attack. On Tuesday, the organization released new statistics reporting that 283 officers have been shot in 2020 with 44 of them being fatal.

The group commented that attacks on law enforcement officers are continuing at a “disturbing pace” and has routinely blamed increasing hostility for the rise in attacks.

More detailed information from the FBI shows the number of felonious killings of officers is up more than 20 percent since last year. Nearly half of those incidents were the result of an ambush.

This comes as prominent politicians on the left have attacked law enforcement with increasing calls to defund police departments.

“It’s not just about breaking the cycle of police violence, it’s not just about fixing the budget,” stated Tammy J. Morales, a Seattle council member. “It’s about creating a new system of community safety that centers mental wellness, prosperity and safety for all of our community members.”

Supporters of dismantling police budgets routinely cite an supposed increase in police-related violence, an increase the FBI’s national use-of-force data collection reports from the last tow years have shown to be false.

T he movement has been met with widespread backlash, especially as Democrats have failed to explain exactly what they plan to do in place of police departments.

Departments have reported waves of resignations as defunding efforts continue, leaving many officers wondering “who will protect those who protect and serve.”

As members of law enforcement are continually put at risk while doing their jobs, police unions have spoken out regarding the uptick in violence.

And those that disrespect police officers, those that want to say, well, let’s defund them. Let’s take them out of every different type of job. Here’s an example. It’s an example of a domestic dispute. It’s an example when the police officers walk in they get shot at what would happen if the police officers weren’t there. What would happen if we didn’t have enough of them to cover all the radio runs? What would happen if a social worker was there and the police officer wasn’t? Patrick Lynch, President Police Benevolent Association, NYC

The National Fraternal Order of Police concluded their report by saying violence against officers must be condemned by all, adding enough is enough.


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