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UPDATED 3:34 PM PT – Sunday, November 29, 2020

begins preparing the launch system for the ”artemis” moon mission next year.

“on tuesday… “nasa” announced the start of assembly for the rocket which will be used to take the first woman to the moon… scheduled for 20-21.

the first booster engine was completed this week at the ”kennedy space center” in ”florida”… in preparation for the “artemis” program’s unmanned maiden voyage.

the trip will act as a test run for the technology slated to be apart of the manned ‘artemis’ rocket.

sot 1: “so the artemis program is our lunar exploration program. we will get to the south pole of the moon by 2024, landing the first woman and the next man.”

it’s the first of 10 test run engines to be assembled as part of the new “space launch system”… which ”nasa” hopes can be used for future trips to ”mars” and other deep space missions.

officials are expected to make an unmanned test flight around the moon in 20-21.

before a second mission in 20-23 dubbed ”artemis two” carries astronauts in preparation for ”artemis three”… which will make the lunar landing in 20-24.”

since 19-69… the ”u-s” has only made six trips to the moon… the last one taking place in 19-72.

“nasa” administrator ”jim bridenstein” in 2019 said… the agency will use the next trip to gauge their ability to sustain ably travel and stay on the moon.

sot 2: “we are going to take the lead, and we’re going to take a coalition of nations, to go to the moon, this time to stay. and that is a significant difference between what we’re doing today, and what we did back in 1969 to 1972.”


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