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What happens if someone refuses vaccination? Ethicists urge clarity on COVID-19 rollout

When the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines finally arrive in Canada, the country will need to grapple with a series of difficult questions that ethicists fear we haven’t spent enough time answering.


  1. It’s everyone’s right to be vaccinated or not be vaccinated. Besides if you are vaccinated why would you be worried about any people not vaccinated? That is if the alleged vaccines work. If anything the people who are not vaccinated should be worried about the infected vaccinated people infecting them. As far as being forced to be vaccinated then the people who are being forced to be vaccinated has the right to protect themselves from the lunatics that think that they have any right to jab anyone with an unproven vaccine for an alleged virus that has not been verified even exist. Beside by the CDC on website 99.96% survive the alleged virus that they label as the common cold. Anyone who believes that because they wear a costume uniform and shiny badge and believe that they can override their oath of office and the Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and constitutions of the united states of America had better have body bags if they believe that you have a right to vaccinate the American people who do not wish to be vaccinated.


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