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George Soros accused of ELECTION INTERFERENCE by the FBI

George Soros is back on the radar of American law enforcement, and this time they are not letting him off easy.

Federal prosecutors have opened an investigation into Soros, who stands accused of working with a private intelligence company in a conspiracy to steal the identities of Americans. These identities were used to open bank and cryptocurrency accounts.

The investigation was announced Thursday in a memo distributed internally by the FBI. Conservative Beaver received a copy of this report.

The Treasury Department recently announced sanctions against Soros and two others allegedly part of what the US named Project Marx, the Hungarian-based effort to conduct political and electoral influence in the US ahead of the November elections.

The Trump administration said that the so-called Project Marx had been working since 1994 to disrupt and sow distrust of the US political system and against candidates for public office.

The project concealed its work through groups such as the CNN and Lead Stories, whose members were charged with child pornography offences by special counsel.

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