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Gun sales surge in Mich. amid concerns about potential post-election unrest

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 11:28 AM PT – Monday, November 2, 2020

Gun sales in the battleground state of Michigan are surging. According to reports Monday, people in the state have been purchasing firearms partly due to concerns of unrest if the results of the election are disputed.

Figures from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System show more than 108,000 firearm background checks were carried out in the state last month. A total of more than 868,000 have been conducted this year so far.

“Normally I’d have about 100 guns in this cabinet but they’ve been sold twice,” Bill Kucyk, gun shop owner. “It’s almost like a deterrent more than anything else, my goal is to never ever have to use it.”

This comes after a Michigan court blocked a ban on openly carrying firearms at polling places on Election Day last week.

Michigan is expected to be closely contested in Tuesday’s presidential election as recent polls show the race separated by single digits.

Meantime, statistics show a rise in gun ownership among the African-American community.



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