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Wayne Dupree: Our welfare state worked for a while, but no longer. It feels like America is sliding toward destruction

The Democrats have enslaved African Americans and used them as election fodder for decades. But more and more people are seeing through their dirty tricks and their plans that will wreck our country.

The welfare state was not a failure for the Democrats. It has achieved everything they wanted up until now. Instead of owning slaves on the plantations, they came up with a plan to enslave blacks in another way.

By giving them a few crumbs from birth to death, they also made them dependent on them. So the black vote was assured election after the election, while the ghetto plantations never got better – only worse.

Thankfully, a number of black voters are waking up – not to the ‘woke’ generation, but to the reality of what the Democrats want from them. They also see mostly white Antifa activists destroying their neighborhoods and small businesses. Antifa and BLM also use brainwashed blacks from those Democrat ghettos to loot and to kill each other, and educated blacks have taken notice.

Let’s go back just a little bit. There was a deliberate element in the planning of the ‘Great Society’ that assigned the role of the angry mob to blacks, to be used as pawns in any future conflicts, with the results we see. 

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Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) at Florida Memorial University on September 10, 2020 in Miami Gardens, Florida
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There’s something else I’d like to ask you: do you believe there’s still a significant difference between Democrats and Republicans? I mean, to me, it looks more like power is in the hands of an anonymous oligarchy made up of hi-tech billionaires, media moguls, bankers connected with the federal reserve, top bureaucrats from government agencies, and corrupt politicians. Some of them are on China’s payroll; others sympathize with Islam.

Voting is an exercise in futility. The election process is designed to trick the average citizen into believing they have a voice in this country’s direction. In reality, politicians are paid professional wordsmiths and corrupt the system to advance their station in life. Our ‘public servants’ work for their party leadership, and the party leadership works for multinational corporations and international bankers. We are merely tax-paying milk cows and financial debt slaves, with almost no real power.

That’s why I voted mostly Independent in the past, until President Trump came along. In a way, Trump is forming a new party – The American Party – and the swamp creatures from both sides are furious. In the meantime, we have to vote Republican. There are some solid younger Trump Republicans on the horizon, but we need more of them.

I know most of you probably don’t want to hear this, but President Trump is the anti-politician who owes nothing to the ones who perennially donate toward the social order’s de-evolvement. Those who seem unaware of the difference between this president and all those bought entities who preceded him does a disservice to everyone by suggesting it doesn’t matter who we vote for. And that includes those down the ticket as well.

Since President Trump was not on the approved list of the oligarchy, they didn’t want him chosen as the Republican candidate, they didn’t want him to win in 2016, and they have since managed to severely restrict his power. The flunkies of this mafia are everywhere, from public schools through the FBI to the Departments of Justice and Defense. Under these circumstances, does it still matter whom you vote for?

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The Democrats are intent on destroying this country; they are not interested in the two-party system. They are just a ‘name’ now for the Marxist insurgency. Our country has been undermined in every institution. Kids’ heads are full of mush, for the most part. Any talk of God is out of the picture. The music industry and film industry support the worst of culture. Our politicians are corrupt. Criminals are no longer prosecuted. Right is wrong, and wrong is right. In this dystopian nightmare, pray that we survive, pray there is a revival, pray for God to rule in this situation. It feels like America is sliding toward destruction.

The misdirection and misinformation by the Democrats and their media allies keep the truth buried, because many of our citizens are products of the broken education system, so they do not articulate their needs well. What is unambiguous is that the people hurt the most by the rioting, looting, and brigandry are poor black residents, black businesses, and black seniors, especially those in the ’hood.

Ill educated, kept in squalor, beset by crime, and with low expectations, the funds dispensed to them are minimized. And all the while the Democratic National Committee (DNC) blames us conservatives for not giving them opportunities, it is the DNC who neglects them daily. Such is the plight of the ghetto poor. However, the DNC seems to do an excellent job of ignoring them and abusing them simultaneously. That sounds like a partial definition of slavery, doesn’t it?

But the battle is not yet over. The Dems and the globalists know they’re up against more and more people awakening to the reality of their false, ‘woke’ Marxist ideology and, therefore, they’re doubling and tripling down with everything they have. Yet they’re running against a clock that won’t stop, and they know it. And time is not on their side.

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