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VIDEO: Q holds protest outside Netflix, ignored by the media

Today, a group of protesters pledging allegiance to QANON marched down to Netflix’s corporate office in Los Angeles, California, to demand the removal of Cuties.

According to the protesters, the movie is child pornography, and should be removed immediately. Neither the mainstream media, nor Netflix, have acknowledged the protest.

Cuties features girls as young as 11 years old, dancing in sexually provocative ways. Some scenes contain partial nudity. Many viewers have described the movie as “incredibly disturbing.”

Ted Cruz and other Republicans have requested an investigation into Netflix for distributing and promoting child pornography.

The online campaign #CancelNetflix has lead to an increase in cancellations for Netflix, still the company has refused to remove the film. The hashtag continues to be used frequently.

Some people have accused Reed Hastings of being a pedophile, and many have gone as far as accusing him of getting “busted” with 13,000 files of Child Pornography. These allegations have been circling for some time, however, their does not seem to be sufficient evidence to prove this is true.

Reed Hastings has not commented publicly on these allegations.

A number of conservative journalists and activists continue to call this film out and demand its removal.

Conservative Beaver reached out to Netflix for comment, but unsurprisingly, they did not respond.

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